Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Both Sides of the Sea

Welcome to Both Sides of the Sea, my first attempt at blogging which at the moment, feels strangely like talking to myself. I hope you enjoy sharing in my thoughts about my published memoir, My Father's Gardens, Homebound Publications 2013, and in the experience following publication, from reading events to disgruntled family members... Join me on January 23, 2014 for my interview on Dorit Sasson's radio blog -


  1. What a wonderfully successful evening for Authors on the Move!

  2. What an amazing opportunity to meet so many published authors with such a wide variety of books - dinner was fantastic and rotating between 350 guests to answer questions about my book was exciting. Still surreal to see my memoir sitting on the table in front of guests. I had the privilege of sitting next to John Lescroart to sign books (my first, his 26th....) and even sat through my first auction - Beth Ruyak of Capital Public Radio's Insight served as mistress of ceremonies and her husband bid on my auction item - A gardener's feast - dinner and copies of my book, how lucky am I! Now I just have to write another book to be invited back next year....